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Thread: I hate it when your brain keeps playing shall i shant i

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    I hate it when your brain keeps playing shall i shant i

    something ive been thinking about and cant make my mind up whether to do it as a winter project perhaps, i dont need the encouragement but just trying to see logic in my motive

    theres 2 reasons why i believe i want to do it (looking to do a 4 stud to 5 stud conversion)

    1 i hate drums and i prefer rear discs and there easier to maintain and work on

    2 i like some of the wheels in a 5 stud thats available out there

    theres a few reasons why i am telling myself i dont need it eg the fact ive just not long spunked out on a set of 18s etc in a 4 stud and the fact its a diesel and also in the next month or two i am getting a koni fsd setup (not exactly a few bob is it) for the estate and i need to get another key from vauxhall done so best part of 200 notes there just for the key

    meh ! - what came to mind was homer simpson - "shut up brain or ill stab you with a quetip"

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    you can save your self aload of money if its just the keyblade that needs replacing, because vauxhall did the same to me.
    they quoted my £130 odd but, what they didn't tell me is that they were going to replace the immobilizer too, which was popintless as its still working fine

    So just get a blank key blade bracket off ebay and get someone to cut it for you.

    i thought you could get rear disc without a 5 stud conversion anyway can't you?

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