Evening all,

Have a 2001 1.7dti Astra estate. Got a triplet of quick questions for any1 who wishes to answer them.

1) What realistic fuel consumption should I be getting? I seem to be getting 400 miles per tank which seems a bit low too me (52 litre tank). I do a combination of Cornish and Devon A road driving and round town driving.

2) Has anyone used Celtic Tuning for a 1.7 DTI remap? I have been umming and arring about it. It is a big jump 75- 115bhp, which seems a bit chunky. If not has anyone else used another company for this engine that they would recommend

3) Does changing the induction kit when having a remap make any substantial difference to longevity, fuel consumption or performance.


Apologies i just realised this should be in the diesel section.