Hi there,

Herbie here. Wifey has a 2005 Astra SRI CDTI 150bhp (I bought it for her, she thinks!!) - love that car, goes like______ of a shovel, and great fun.

Problem is that its just out of warranty, having just over 70K on the clock. Having worked in the motor trade for a period, I don't want to pay silly money to get a timing belt change done at a Vauxhall dealer, but I still want a decent job done for sensible money.
I am worried about the timing belt dropping off, and I suppose the obvious answer is to change it, which is fine, and I intend to do that soon.
Some manufacturers recomend this to be done at 80,000 miles-ish.

Anyone know what the recommended Vauxhall timing belt change interval is on an Astra Z19DTH 110 kW (150 bhp diesel)?

Also, I have just completed a 70K service myself, and I need to know if I can get the dash board service indicator reset without going to a Vauxhall dealer. The display says "INSP" when you turn the ignition, and I just want to finish the job off right.

Also for your info, if you are changing the front pads and discs, you are in for a shock!! Very expensive in comparison to other 5 stud discs, so be very careful when ordering from the motor factors, etc

It seems the discs for this model are very unique, they are 308mm diameter, which is the same size as whats on the VX220.
Brilliant stopping power is the result though, so well worth the money.

I would appreciate someones help with this.

Thanks, Herbie.