could someone with the vx part number programe sort some numbers out for me please

first one is an irmmy part number

on the rear irmmy skirt for the mk4 hatch there is a peice on the right hand side on the bumper that unclips dunno why but mine has gone walkies somwhere

second are suspension numbers

firstly for the mk4

dunno the technical names for them but if you remove the damper you undo the top nut and remove the black plastic covered metal disk i need the part number for the metal disk

second numbers required are

imagine you have the damper infront of you on the ground and you are going to remove the spring you would remove the secont nut on the piston i need all the bit that would be removed on the top all the black bits on top i think there are two bits

sorry if im being confusing but im crap at explaining things like this il try and find a picture of a damper and put arrows to the bits i want