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Thread: Astra Coupe Problems

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    Unhappy Astra Coupe Problems

    Hey everyone! Had my MK4 Astra Coupe for afew weeks now and have some problems I would like to ask if possible...

    1/ Blowers dont seem to work. They come on every once in a blue moon and other than that im driving with my windows down to clear the windows. COLD! Ive taken it to the dealership once and they said they fixed it, guess not.

    2/ Rattling / Vibration in the engine when accelerating. Can just hear it with the windows up and alot with them down. Its basically happens when im putting pressure on the accelerator, when I ease off it goes away...Its also is constant when at a stand still with the revs on a little.

    3/ Car makes a grinding sound when going over bumps (be it speed or just big holes). Possiblity of the Shock Absorbers going? You tell me.

    Any information about any of these problems would be greatly appricited!

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    I can try to answer the first question here, the other 2 are probably best posted elsewhere for a answer

    Intermitiant problems are always hard to fix, in this case it could be anything from the switch through the resistor pack to the motor it's self. With it coming on intermitantly I would have thought it was the motor though but before you chnage it check for voltage there on all speeds
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