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Thread: Recon Engine

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    Recon Engine

    Hi all,

    I have recently blown my engine and have to replace it (this is for certain). Two options are, 1. Buy a recon engine and have it fitted 2. Buy an engine from a breaker and have a local garage fit it. Please can any one help with the following..

    1. A garage in Manchester or near by that can supply and fit a recon engine?

    2. Any one know a good garage that will fit an engine (i'll find the engine)

    3. Anyone have and selling a Z14XE engine? (Astra 1.4 Petrol, Y (2001) reg).

    Thanks guys

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    Buying and fitting a 1.4 engine to a 7 year old car seem pointless to me. Probably cheaper to buy a newer bigger engined car
    Coupe now being broken for parts
    You know the one

    Enquire within

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