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Thread: New thermostat?

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    Question New thermostat?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a T reg Astra and a couple of days ago the heater stopped blowing hot air. Its has come back on sporadically but it definately not as warm. Also the temperature gauge doesn't budge even after a good half an hours driving.

    After reading some other posts on here, its looks as so I would need a new thermostat. I am a complete novice when it comes to cars, would you agree that a new thermostat is what is needed?

    Also, could anyone give me a ball park figure as to what this would cost to fix at a non-vauxhall garage?

    Thanks in advance, Andy.

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    not necessarily.....

    if you temp guage is not moving much that suggests to me that it's doing it's job of keeping a constant temp.

    What may be your problem is the heater matrix...which is the heater rad for the hot air blower..

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