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    Arrow Help Needed !

    Working on my mums punto 1.2 mk1 't' plate.When idiling the rev counter jumps between idle and around 1600 revs,Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong with it ?
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    presumably it'll be the classic ICV (idle control valve)

    it'll either be coked up with carbon - therefore a can of carb cleaner should resolve it - or it could be on its way out.

    As with the Vx range Id be giving the entire setup a good goin over with carb cleaner - ie throttle body, ICV (if u can find it) and EGR if it has one.

    An example of one on ebay:

    Would need to contact ur Fiat dealer to confirm the correct part number or maybe have a look on the one on the car first..... For the price of carb cleaner tho (I pay £2.50 a can - Halfrauds charge £6!) ie go to a local motor factors.... give everything the once over and see how things improve.

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