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Thread: Head ache

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    Head ache

    Hi I need to seek information about my dual fuel astra van.
    Emulsification sludge at the oil filler leads me to suspect the haed gasket is leaking (no loss of water, power or overheating). The engine runs annoyingly cool even had toobstruct the rad to keep warm! or is it a poor heater? Returns 28mpg on LPG (aprox 7.5p/mile).
    I have been advised to have the head hot tanked and sealed and wondered if there are any places reccomended locally to me Stroud Gloucestershire. Also advised to use a stainless steel head gasket (never heard of one before).
    I would welcome also any advice offered, are there any complications with the Vauxhall LPG dual fuel system (not covered in the
    Haynes manual).
    What parts must I get (part numbers and contacts).
    What special tools do I need & where can I get them (water pump adaptor, cam sprocket locator).
    Its overdue 40k service at 45k (oil & filters done) but putting off timing belt until I do the head which is pressing and nagging me.

    Can any one help with Part numbers for Water pump. Thermostat. Timing belt. Gaskets. etc
    Please help an Astra owner in need.

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    already answered in your other thread

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