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Thread: mk3 exhause fitments

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    mk3 exhause fitments

    is there more than one type of exhaust fitment on the mk3's? eg flange/sleeve fitment?

    have got the possibility of a backbox which has come off a mk3, its got an inner diameter of the pipe (sleeve fit) of 52mm, is this standard?

    ta muchly for any info

    EDIT - damn poxy fat fingers pressing wrong keys. whoever heard of an "exhause"??!!
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    There are 2 different ways of mounting a back box on a Mk3, it is either a 3 point mounting or a single point mounting. I cannot remember what cars have what mounting, I know that my 1.4 had a single point mounting (it had a band that went around the back box and that attached to the boot floor).

    I am also pretty sure they are all sleeve fitment.
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    52mm is the same as a GSI and 1.8 sport and all sleeve.
    Think the mk4 was flange fitment on the backbox.

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