Hello all,

I have had my Astra 1.8 SRI 02 Plate since December, it started developing a squeaky steering wheel, the sound is internal. Which ever way you rotate it squeaks and can feel as if the steering is harder as well? like rubber on rubber. It does not do this from cold start until up to 20 mins later. The garage tried all sorts could not isolate it. It went into Vx today, courtesy of the dealer and had a new Steering Rack fitted. I think great job done. I drive for an hour on Mway, get home, "Squeak squeak" all over again. Any advice greatly appreciated, I am at my wits end. Also I have noticed at very slow speeds there is a passenger side wheel rubbing noise/whirring, or if I reverse I hear it a lot louder. I have sat on a speed bump and can create the noise by very slowly reversing, so the noise gets louder as the wheel rotates at a very very slow speed? Baffled by it all -Telecom Switchs no problem lol

If anyone can at least point me in the right direction, you would make a sad man happy.