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Thread: Alloys - 4 or 5 studs?

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    Question Alloys - 4 or 5 studs?

    Hi all,

    I cant be bothered to take of the hubcap and check so I would like to know if my cars wheel is 4 or 5 stud. It is a Astra mk4 '03 8v. I was thinking about buying some second hand alloy wheels. Is there anything I should be aware of or any advice before I buy some? What is the maximum size it can take?

    THanks in advance.

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    4 stud

    Stud diamater 4 x 100mm PCD

    Centre bore 56.6mm (if u wanna fit original Vx rims then any 4 stud will be fine)

    U can fit upto 19" without any mods - just effects how low u wanna go with the suspension

    Gotta keep an eye out on the wheel offset if looking at aftermarket rims.

    7" or 7.5" wide (in 17" or 18" diamater) then offset needs to be betweeen 38 & 49mm, on a 8" wide rim then 42-49mm....stick within these tolerances and u can slam it on its arse by approx 70mm without any rubbing issues.

    17/18s are the most popular choice - fit 215/40/17 or 215/35/18 rubber to keep everything reading true

    Think thats about it for now.... If u do get aftermarket rims (or from another manufacturer) as long as they are 4x100mm and the correct offset (sometimes expressed as ET) then youll be fine..... just make sure u get spigot rings to reduce the centre bore (hole in middle of wheel) down from the machined generic size to 56.6mm to match the outer diameter of ur wheel hubs.

    HTH and isnt too much info lol

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