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Thread: Petes Fund Documentary

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    Petes Fund Documentary

    No this is not to do with Petes monaro fund

    Just watched a program on Sky real lives about a guy with an AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) in the brain

    I found it shocking that the NHS would not pay for his operation and Norwich Union would not pay out for critical illness cover

    there is a petition to sign and lots more info on the site

    Did anyone else see the program
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    there was me thinking you were organising a whip-round seeing as I'm still out of work, and filming it to put it on TV or something

    This guy was on GMTV this morning (not sure if thats a perk to not working?!) and the reason NU wouldn't pay out is because the guy didn't get a scan for 4 months, and by that time any symptoms of a brain haemorrage/AVM had cleared up and left him with stroke-like symptoms... as he hadn't ever been diagnosed as a stroke and as he hadn't actually had a stroke, NU said that thee was nothing to pay out for...

    I can see their point in some respects, think of it in terms of a car - you have a problem with your car's EML coming on, yet you don't get it looked at for 4 months... By this time the EML isn't coming on anymore, and thus when you finally get it plugged into Tech2 there's no fault codes coming up, despite your belief your car has a fault somewhere... Now, do you think Vauxhall would carry out a repair under warrenty even though they can't find a fault? I think not.

    That said, he should have had a CAT scan as a matter of course when he first went into hospital... If we stopped spending a fortune on compensation for victims of MRSA and concentrated on spending the money to clean up the wards, then there would be sufficient money in the NHS to introduce compulsory CAT scans for head/brain injuries and illnesses
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