Ok im looking for a little more power from my car at the moment, the reason being is my mate wants to win the 1.8 class at crail next year as he came 2nd this year & I REALLY want to piddle on his bonfire he has a X18XEV & ive a C18XE.

So far the mods I have are –

  • Decat
  • Stainless Exhaust System
  • 4 Branch Manifold
  • De restricted Airbox

My mates is the same spec aswell ( his car is rolling roaded several times around the 126bhp mark – and mine around the 140 bhp mark tho as ive the early engine!! )

Now the question…………………….

Is it best to get my cams re profiled or buy proper cams for it? If so where can I look?