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Thread: Astra mk5 problems

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    Astra mk5 problems

    hiya having trouble with the astra at the minute.

    started a couple of weeks ago now wen i started my car up and after 2 seconds the car died and went back to the ignition with the car with the electric sign in it,so i looked in the book for the car and found it was an electrical problem.

    Took the car into the garage a week later and after 3 days and me been stuck with a corsa costing me £13 a day insurance they said it was the transponder in the key that had broken.They sent the key back to vauxhall to be replaced at a cost to them of £97.50 excl VAT.

    Now a week later the problem has started again and with a better look through the book for the car have found that it could be the engine immobiliser that has broken.

    Has this happened to anyone on here before and am i cursed with problems with my astra


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    I think that will be conected to the CIM modual that seems to be a big of a common problem with the astra H
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