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Thread: Mk4 Calliper query

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    Mk4 Calliper query

    Hi there,

    I have just replaced the Front Pads and Discs on my 98 1.6ls Astra, unfortunately while attempting to bleed the system on the drivers side the bleed valve decided to shear off and is now un-removable by normal means, I am considering attempting to drill out the offending remnants of the thread but in the case that it doesn't work i am thinking i may just replace the entire calliper.

    This brings me to my questions

    Can i replace just the drivers side caliper as opposed to changing the pair ? and does anyone know what sort of connection the brake hose has as i would need to remove it and reattach it to the new calliper.

    From doing some searching on here i think i would also need to replace a seal between the hose and replacement calliper but again am not 100% sure on this.

    I'm hoping to pick up a Haynes manual soon but in the meantime any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Ed (Livid)

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    I am presuming that yours is the 256mm brakes...? I wouldn't bother drilling the bleed valve out personally, and chuck it in the bin.

    I have 2 fully working caliper of my partners Astra G 1.6 SXi 256mm brake setup. I carried out a 280mm big brake conversion. I also have the hub/brake carriers if you need spare opnes in case the thread for the slider bolts strips on the hub/brake carrier.
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