LOL everyone groans when they see the thread title
Just got one from Supernovas - looks great but no nuts and bolts supplied

Here is their fitting instruction
  1. Carefully remove the suspension top dome by removing the large nut underneath the plastic cap on both sides of the car. (be careful not to adjust the suspension spring)
  2. Unscrew the bonnet switch from the inside of the suspension turret
  3. Carefully temporarily remove the black electrical cover from its location without disconnecting any of the wires situated on the passenger side of the vehicle
  4. Carefully lift up and move the fuse box without disconnection any wires
  5. Place the strut brace in the correct position by sliding it over both suspension turrets
  6. loosely secure both sides of the strut brace by replacing the suspension top domes
  7. Mark the location of the holes on both sides of the vehicle, whilst holding the strut brace.
  8. Remove the strut brace and drill a series of holes in the marked positions until 1 9mm hole is achieved through the suspension turret.( make sure there is enough space between the bolt and suspension spring)
  9. Brush a suitable amount of rust prevention on the drilled holes.
  10. Replace the strut brace and secure using the previously removed suspension top domes.
  11. Re-connect the bonnet switch to the suspension turret and secure using the original self-tapping screws
  12. Adjust the height of the strut brace so it does not hit the bonnet, brake reservoir or vacuum unit
  13. Secure the strut brace to the car using suitable bolts/washers and nuts (not supplied with brace)
  14. Make sure all fitted bolts are tight and the strut brace does not obstruct any components
  15. Set the tension of the strut brace using the adjuster and tighten the lock nuts on the adjuster
  16. We recommend applying a thin layer of grease/rust prevention to the nuts and washers that are on the inner wings of the car

No mention of refitting the relay or fuse box -

If the weather is okay this weekend will fit it - must have laptop in case I need to PM Ffoeg
The tech guide will be to hand any way Seems there is a 50 / 50 chance of it being a pain