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Thread: small dent repair!!!

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    Question small dent repair!!!

    hey guys just wondering what i should use or what i can do to remove these silly little bumps out of my car, obviusly sumone didnt know how high there garage was lol is this an easy diy job? the paint line is not broken and there pretty smooth. i have taken the inside panel off but am being impeeded by another sheet of metal blocking it !! i will be putting a pic up soon.

    any ideas??

    many thanks


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    my mate did a handbrake turn on a carpark roof on snow (plank) and managed to dent the bumper of his mums car. it too didnt brake the paint but all he had to do was get a hairdryer and heat up the dent. eventually it popped back into place.

    dont take my word for this, im not sure if it could damage your paintwork. see if anyone else has done this before you try it yourself.

    you could get a rubber mallet and gently hammer it back out. never done it before but it would be my second idea after the hairdryer idea.
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    I'd get one of the professionals in to do the repair mate, some of them charge as little as £30 a panel and i'd recomend them as i've had 3 taken out so far
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