Me and my freind are currently doing an engine swap on a MK3 turbo diesel and we got pritty far into the build, but i think i have spotted a problem within our plan.

First let me explain what we have done so far:
The engine and gearbox are from an 8v 2.0 cavalier we fitted it with no quams, done all the necasary pipe work, servieced the engine before it went and all the such when it cam to the machanics of the engine.

Our problem lies in the wiring, now to be more specific we have pluged in all the right sockets to the right connectors but because we are using the original astra loom for the rest of the car and the cavvy loom for the ECU we have noticed we have some spare connectors such we both think this is for ABS and the diesal filter heater which the car did have but doesn't now.
I was wondering if you could shed some light on this if anyone else has come across this putting a new engine in and finding some spare plugs just hangin about and if its ok just to cut them or will the need tracing to take out completly?

Ill be editing this post when i find out exactly what they are as in the shape the pins and the colour of wires going to each one. and if i can ill acompany them with pictures.