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Thread: Steering wheel controls - confused!

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    Question Steering wheel controls - confused!


    My steering wheel controls do not work with my head unit on my recently purchased astra mk4 03. I was told that I need an adapter for it to work. On the sticky on the top of this forum, the different models are listed however which ones are suitable for the JVC head units? Do I only have to purchase JVC adapters for my head unit? What other parts do I need? I heard that I might need a patch lead as well. I also noticed that there are different models listed there do they differ in quality or functionality? Or is an adapter just an adapter. All I know is that my JVC head unit manual says that it works with steering wheel remotes.

    I would also like to know where do the adapters fit? If it is behind the head unit doesn't it mean that after fitting it the headunit will be sticking out?

    And lastly where may I purchase them from.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You need to buy whatever is specified for your head unit - it's not practical to try to say which adaptor you need without knowledge of the model number and car.

    The adaptors generally plug into the car's ISO loom and pick their connections up from there, rather than attaching directly (like a lump) to the back of the head unit.

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