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Thread: Security System from Vauxall (optional extra)

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    Security System from Vauxall (optional extra)

    Just bought an SXI Astra and the manufacturer forgot to put the security system in that I requested, cost £225 in the book I believe.
    The vauxhall dealer I got my car from said we will put the system in our selves, they also said something which i don't believe, or may be its true.

    The two sensors are at the top next to the front doors (I thought they were supposed to be next to the rear view mirror when I saw it in the show room

    Also the system has a button which I haven't figured out how it works but it comes from just above the glove compartment and is placed next to my radio. Is this standard procedure.

    He also said the system is more valuable then the standard one you paid. £500 was his words.

    Now the booklet instruction manual has no name of the system but the override code does read meta System and there is no override code on the card.

    Any idea if this is all standard or I been told a lie.

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    Welcome to my world!!! lol!!

    I had a similar experience. Your system sounds pretty identical to the one i got when i asked for a system to be installed when i got my car.

    It is a cat 1 alarm and i for one have never had any problems with it. If you do not have an override code then im afraid you will need to have another alarm control module installed. The alarm overide code needs to be inputted at point of installation by the engineer. It is impossible to reprogramme a new code afterwards. I had fun and games with mine at first but managed to get a new one after the dealer cocked up. Apparently they wouldnt input a code without me being there as obviously it would mean that someone could overide it and take my car. It was a bit of a vicious circle. Anyway its all sorted now. Meta are a very large car alarm organisation who make anything from cheap rubbish to fairly decent alarm systems. The sensors that you were referring to earlier are only incorporated into the interior light units if they are a factory fit option. Dont expect them to be there if your alarm was fitted after it left the factory.

    I wouldnt worry about it too much.. i would worry about how well they have installed the wiring.. i took my glovebox out and discovered dodgy crimped connections and insulation tape! lol!

    I hope i havent waffled on for too long! Its getting late and im knackered!


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    Just to confirm the dealer has fitted a aftermarket, all be it dealer fit option, alarm to your car. Those parts wouldn't be there if it was standard fit.

    As for a £500 cost We fit a system near enough identical except made by cobra and the dealers pay about £265 for it
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