I have a TomTom GO 720 and want to connect it to my Astra's stereo system via Bluetooth but am unsure of the best way to go about it. For anyone unfamiliar with it, the TomTom has the capability to stream MP3 audio stored on the unit as well as connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth to act as a handsfree kit.

As my CD 30 headunit is somewhat limited on the technological front, I am guessing that the only viable means to do this is going to be to buy a new headunit with associated fascia adaptor and leads, etc. I pondered over buying a Connects2 BTAV01 Bluetooth interface to connect to the CD 30 but would I right in saying that this would only play back in mono over the front two speakers?

Does anyone know of a decent type of headunit which is A2DP compatible as well as being compatible with the steering wheel remote controls?

I would really appreciate your advice!

Thanks in advance, Matt