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Thread: Dodgy fuel to blame?

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    Dodgy fuel to blame?

    So i've had my 1.8 2004 Coupe for 5 weeks now.

    Last Thursday the petrol light was flashing, because i wasnt near home i filled her up with at a different garage that usual.

    Everything was fine, until that Saturday morning when the emissions light came on.

    I didnt buy it from a Vauxhall dealer, but as it is under warranty with them i took it back there. They hooked it up and said they would have to contact Vauxhall with the code to see exactly what the problem is and would get back to me early in the week. They said i could continue to drive the car as it didnt appear to be doing any damage.

    So today i was driving along, petrol light comes on, few miles later the emissions light goes off. I pull into my regular garage, fill her up and it has stayed off ever since.

    Im not going to tell the car garage it has went off as i want to hear their diagnosis, if they want to replace something, better getting it done now before warranty runs out eh?

    Anyway, i have read various posts about this and hear it might have been a tank of shitty fuel.

    My question is, will this have any long term effect on the car?

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    sounds strange! reckon you're doing right waiting to hear what the garage say if its still under warranty.. dud the garage tell you what codes te car was reporting? we can identify them on here rather than you wait for VX to get back to your other garage

    if it does turn out to be dodgy fuel, then the moral of the story... stick with the tried and tested, and don't leave it until your fuel light comes on before you fill up
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