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    Hi guys, I'm after your advise as to what seats I can but into my Mk4 hatch.

    I intend to get the seats and door cards retrimmed in leather soon. However, I figured that if I am getting the seats done I might as well get some better seats instead of the pieces of plywood currently in the car.

    So my question is what are the best looking and most comfortable seats that will fit in without too much hassel? As I am from Australia, the Vectra Gsi seats are out of the question as I don't think they were sold here, same with the 888. Alternatively, can the standard ones be moulded into an appealing and comfortable shape? The seats do not have to be any particular colour or material as they will be getting retrimmed and can come from any manufacturer (factory or aftermarket).


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    any seat will go in with the right subframe mate. Just find a seat that you like and ask them if they do subframes for an Astra. You may be able to find some nice leather recaro's mate.

    I have Corbeau Targa's in grey cloth in my car, and they are soooo comfy, but a bit firm on long journeys

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    I was kinda hoping I could find some that will fit onto the existing subframe or something somehow. The ADR's are real strict on seats so I've been told and I'm pretty sure that any mods to the seats require an engineer's certificate.

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