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Thread: MK3 brakes question....

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    MK3 brakes question....

    Hey guys I'm a bit of a newbie with this kind of stuff.... when i say a bit I mean completely.

    I've got an 8v 1.4 mk3 Astra lsi and I'm planning to replece the brakes as I'm sure they are an mot fail - I want to replace the lot to discs all round which will require a conversion from drums on the rear.

    Any suggestions what brakes? What will i need (I'm thinking pads, disks and calipers) and a basic how too or things to watch out for would be fantastic!

    Hope you guys can help.

    I'm a poor student so cheap is cheerful.... but i dont want rubbish.



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    first of all Welcome to AOC

    Secondly... WHY do u want to fit discs on the rear?

    The only real reason would be for asthetics as the majority of braking is done up front ... personally Id just save time and money and get some new discs/pads up front (£70 for the lot - drilled/grooved discs & pads) and give the rears a good clean...if they are past it then replacement shoes for about £15 and maybe a couple of wheel cylinders to help things along a tad.

    Each to their own of course so if u would prefer discs at the back then ignore the above and await someone with more mk3 knowledge to help u out.

    Front discs:
    Solid 236mm x 12.7mm:

    Vented 236mm x 20mm

    Vented: 256mm x 24mm

    (check which discs u have first)


    Again check the pads are correct if u decide to go ahead

    Ive got these discs/pads on my mk4 and they still perform as good now as they did 2yrs ago...Fantastic value for money.

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