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Thread: Any DishWasher Experts??

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    Any DishWasher Experts??

    hi guys,

    our dishwasher has stopped working properly.

    i keep telling her off but she wont listen

    right thats the jokes out the way so the problem:

    it has stopped heating the water and as a result the dishes are coming out dirty and wet as they aren't being steam dried.

    now i'm guessing the heating element has blown although it didn't pop any fuses

    so is it likely to be the heating element and how easy is it to take a dishwasher apart and replace the element?

    is out of warrenty and i don't want to pay some to do something that i can do myself anyone able to offer advice?

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    Our old Hotpoint's element is accessable from under the filter. Take out the filter, one screw, two wires, job done. Not so sure it's that easy on more modern machines, though.
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