For a few weeks now my Astra Turbo has been running really sluggish. It's simply over-revving all the time, particularly in lower gears when it hits about 3000 rpm. It just jumps right through to maximum revs.
Gear changes feel and sound fine so don't think it's anything to do with the clutch? It's just run in 35k miles so really hope it's not the turbo playing up??

Vauxhall have taken a look and no codes showing on the tech 2. Throttle body was cleaned out too but still no joy?
I had a spare new set of Irdium spark plugs so tried fitting them incase it was a faulty plug but still the same. I might be able to get hold of a spare AFM and Coil pack to test, would this be worth doing even without the sign of fault codes/lights? Otherwise I'm back to throwing money away to Vauxhall
The car is a 53 Astra Turbo. Any ideas much appreciated.