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Thread: Emissions light

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    Emissions light

    The emissions light came on in the car today, it's a mk4 SXi 04 plate.

    It went off again after I switched the car off and left it for a couple of hours, although now I'm para that the exhaust is buggered or something. Either that or a sensor?
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    What engine is it?

    If the light came on, there should be an error code stored by the ECU. Get it read and it should give you an idea as to what caused it. Usual culprits on petrol engines are EGR valve, O2 sensors, air leaks, possibly coilpack.

    Assuming your car was/is running ok and the light doesn't come back on again at some point in the future, you could probably just put it down to a hiccup. But I would get the error code read if only to satisfy my own curiosity!
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