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Thread: Wheezing Throttle Body

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    Wheezing Throttle Body

    Right then folks.... I was busy cleaning my TB out last weekend (X16SZR 8valve mk4) and I must have inadvertedly knocked something as it now wheezes every time the accel. is pressed.

    It sounds exactly like the blowers on the new Mini's

    Its defo coming from the TB and Im hopin its just a vac hose Ive knocked... just wondering if u guys could offer any pointers on what it could be.

    I'll be lookin into it later today to see if I can trace the problem.

    Cant really tell if theres any lack of power seeing as theres hardly any to start with and the fact the exhaust blows anyway...

    So can anyone offer some clues on what I should be looking out for?

    Now I clean the TB every few thousand miles anyway and I dont have the original air intake housing (instead ive got a cone filter and ducting running direct from filter to TB) so no worries about that...

    Right Im waffling now...and its 4am so im speakin even more crap than usual....

    If u can offer some help then great - it'll give me an idea what im lookin for today...

    And for those coming to NE meet on u know why my car might sound like a mini

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    Did you disconnect the charcoal filter solenoid from the intake?

    Any problems with the brakes?
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