Ok this is how the car stands at the moment

i was recently thinking of selling it but i decided i like it to much and going to give it an over hall!!

Over the next 6 months + its going to be changed big time , there will not be much of an update to start with as im saving up for the mods but i thought it would share with you guys my plans.

The Plans

Lumma GT/R2 Rear Bumper + Side Skirts + Window Spolier (Keeping Original Spolier for boot)

(Everything Pictured Below Apart from front bumper

And a Lexmaul Front Bumper

Custom Made Power Flow Center Exit Exhaust To go with above rear bumper

18" Multispoke Wheels (Not sure of what ones yet)

Full Respray (This is where it gets mad)

Its being resprayed to MG X-Power Gray which i think its a yummy colour

Then following on from the respray i will be getting the interior fully trimmed to grey leather on bolsters and black alacantara on the middle , door cars will probbley also be grey.

to finish it of a new grill (one with the aluminum strip)

few interior parts and i be there

Engine upgrades plans

2.4 inlet
2.4 TB
piper induction
and of course the above exhaust

updates in a few months lol

total cost has been worked out around £3500 for everything



over and out