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Thread: Fitting Fog Lights

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    Question Fitting Fog Lights

    I have a MK4 '03 1.6 8v Vauxhall Astra I just bought last week. I wanted to fit fog lights on them as it doesnt have them at the moment. I noticed I could buy them from ebay for £40 a pair. I would like to know if it is possible to fit them on my Astra without having to do something unjustifiably major like changing the whole bumber or something like that. I noticed that the bottom of the bumper doesnt have those holes where the fog lights would go or are there removable pieces on them so they could fit in? Secondly, how would I be able to control the light operation if there is no switch in there at the moment? Does that mean the whole light switch would have to be changed?

    Thanks in advance

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    First of all welcome to the site

    You'll be pleased to know you dont have to buy a new bumper!!!

    Your current one will have markings on the inside so u know where to cut the holes...the new fogs just slip inside and are secured onto the mounting positions.... You'll see what I mean once u have a look

    Secondly, Yes you will need a new headlight switch with twin fogs (make sure u get the Astra G one as the Corsa C one looks similar but the pin layout at the rear is totally different and will NOT fit) - these switches typically go for antyhing between £5 & £30 depending on how lucky you are.

    The most important thing you'll need to do before even considering any of the above is to have a look to see if your car is prewired for fogs. Have a look down behind the bumper and look for the fog light electrical plugs...Think they are blue/black and they'll either be dangling loose or maybe taped up to the headlight harness on either side. If you have these then you'll more than likely be prewired...if so its just a case of acquiring the new swithch, fitting the fogs in bumper, plugging em in, fitting a 10a fuse & a new black relay in mini fuse box (behind cubby hole to right of driver) and away u go...

    Check to see if ur prewired tho before doing anything else.... In typical Vauxhall tradition its luck of the draw whether your model is prewired or make matters worse - some models are only partially prewired up front with no wiring existent in the fusebox for instance...hopefully this isnt the case but go investigating and let us know the outcome.

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