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Thread: CCTV Camera's

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    CCTV Camera's

    Hi Guys,

    What are the best day night CCTV to get?

    I may need to get a new camera as my current one is playing up.
    i need a relibale IR day night camera with 15M night vison.
    i would also like at least 480TVL
    and it needs to be weather proof

    now i've had a look on google and well theres thousands.
    I have also been told to try and stay away from small bullet cameras (what i have at the minute) as they tend to be unreaiable for there cost as all you are paying for is the small cmpact size and not the internal tecnology.

    If any of you guys could reccomend anything that would be great.

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    Look for4 'CCD' ones as they are better.

    We have this set up:
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