The order
Well recieved the order first class company to deal with is my first comment.
I was really looking forward to receiving the delivery and trying out these air fresheners I've heard so much about.

First of all the air fresheners are supplied with the spray heads (which I had to shorten the stem of before use). The heads are not attached as default allowing the 1 head to be used by many applications (wax, QD, other air fresheners, water ect).

I attached the heads and found that the pumping action wasn't very good at all. Infact I'd say it was pants. So turned the whole thing upside down and it sprays perfect (must be an air leak somewhere) but this happened in both so I'm guessing maybe a manufacturing fault. Anyways turned upside down it works perfect and doesn't affect me so no major gripe there.

The cherry fragrance was purchased for my misses's 1.2 Corsa SXI. On first sniff its gorgeous. Smells very strong but not distracting from the lovely fragrance. Once you've had a whiff you'll fall in love with it and have to keep smelling it. Sprayed liberally on the seats, door cards, head lining and floor the smell was wonderful nothing had detracted it with the mist spray contact to the air.

However disapointingly the smell lasted for hours. Yes hours not days. Sprayed at 8:30am in the morning by 4:00pm it was gone. Only a tinyiest faintest smell lingered. Not even enough fragrance for you to recognise the cherry flavour. I reapplied the next morning and once again the same.

I really rate the smell of the cherry I think its wonderful. However the lasting power is pants.

Would I buy it again.... probably not unless substancial improvement was made to sort out the longevity of the odour.


First smell of it from the container and I wasn't taken. It almost smelled like a old taxi cab. Undertered I carried on. Once again spraying liberally to the seats, headlining, door cards, floor and for a special treat the boot.

The spray contact to the air was fantastic really brought out the fragrance and transformed the smell from old taxi cab to a lush coconut smell instantly recognisable and in no way unpleasent. Neither did it bring the memorys of dial a cab back seats which is excellent. First impressions when sitting in was .... I've used a bit too much. However on day 2 it had settled down into a lovely fragrance not offensive in anyway. Day 3 the frangrance had diminished by quite a bit but only furthered its cause in making the fragrance subtle so that any passengers travelling with you couldn't tell you'd gone hell for leather with the spray. Day 6 still smelled the same as day 3. The boot smelled as good on day 14 as it did on day 2.

The big problem being that as the fragrance is so subtle when it eventually does need replenishing you don't notice it. The second problem is so long has passed its at the back of the cupboard.

Would I buy it again.... Yes. Won't be leaving home without it! This product actually last WEEKS!!!!