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Thread: Astra Gsi question?

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    Astra Gsi question?

    As someone who is not a mechanic and does ont understand the complexities of the car, how difficult would it be for me to change the front hub, not sure which wheel yet, as one of the bearings has gone.

    Also what about the front discs and pads? they have the sensors in.

    Would i need special tools for this job? i am competant with tools. But what i dont waant is to get half way through it and find im missing a part or tool or something.

    Should i just pay a garage to do it?
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    its a easy thing to do mate
    take wheel off
    take front brake caliper off
    take caliper carrier off
    unbolt drive shaft an take off split pin
    undo 3 torx bits holding in hub pull hub out
    unplug abs sensor in hub "dead easy"
    job done
    same to refit

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