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Thread: More Electronics = Better Battery / Converter Needed?

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    More Electronics = Better Battery / Converter Needed?

    Just A Quick Question....

    The Electronics in my car are mounting up...

    1x KENWOOD KDC W7537U - Radio/CD/MP3 Player
    1x All-in-1, 7" Motorized Car DVD+Divx+MP3+CD+TV+FM Player
    1x Car Freeview Digital DVB-T TV Receiver Box
    1x Video Signal Booster / Splitter Amplifier
    2x 9" TFT LCD Headrest Monitors
    1x Lanzar Heritage 2 Channel 1600 Watts Amp

    Do I need something In place.... e.g Bigger Battery? some type of converter? or something like that? as there all connected to the same power source.. and I would have thought they would quickly drain the battery?


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    Get an Optima yellow top battery and an uprated alternator
    Or you could get a second VX battery and a have a split charger but you still may need to get a better alternator
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    yes there will be some power drain but your standard battery & alternator should be able to handle it as you aren';t running any power-sapping subs etc. Overall you're not running a big enough install yet IMO to worry about getting a deep cycle battery or larger alternator, but certainly they're suggestions for the future..

    Just make sure you're running decent size cable (assuming you'd be needing 5 metres of power cable I'd go for 4awg at least) and that your battery is in good condition (i.e. not 10 years old and goes flat on a monthly basis ). A cheap way of upgrading which should help you out is to increase the size of the wiring that runs from battery to alternator, battery to chassis (ground) and then the alternator to starter motor. Use 4awg and your whole car's charging system should be much more efficient.

    If you are thinking in the future of upgrading the stereo and running a bit more power then think about a larger battery and an alternator with higher output. Depending on the spec of your car your alternator will most likely be 70aH or 100aH but you can get 120aH models that are a direct fit (fitted to police/emergency service/RAC cars etc) or a 140aH beast from a Vectra that will fit with little more than a new mounting plate for it

    For reference, I'm running a single 2000w-rms monoblock amp powering two 1000w-rms subs, 400w-rms amp powering front components, a set of 6x4 coaxials, dvd, screen (and a few other electrical goodies that weren't on there as standard), and I have no problem with my standard battery and 100aH alternator. Am going for a split charge system two deep cycle (yellow top/optima) batteries and the 140aH alternator for the next phase of the install, but thats only because with any luck I'll be nearly doubling the power output

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