a fuse blew to my interior light and glove box, so i replaced that and i was driving home last night,turned my headlights on and there wasnt any lights lighting the rev counter and speedo,and then noticed no lights were lighting my heater controls and my ciggy lighter! then for some reason I decided to try my fogs, think it was to see if the light on the dash came on to show i had my fogs on,but they didnt either so id imagine it was a fuse to the fogs or the switch has packed in and they are somehow connected to the dash lights,heater lights etc? i had a quick check with my testlight with teh fuses before i had to go out earlier and that packed up....not getting much luck here...gona try the fuses on my dinner 2moZ when i can see something!

so no front and rear fogs,no speedo and rev counter lights, heater control lights and ciggy light. iv tried the dimmer,the headlight adjuster works fine,mfd clock works....

any help would be much appreiciated! thanks

p.s oh yeah its a 2000 1.8 coupe