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Thread: Help on removing side skirts

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    Help on removing side skirts

    I'm looking to colour code my side skirts (original ones) on my MK4 astra, but i don't know how to remove them properly and there isn't a 'how to' telling me how to do this,

    anybody know how? any help much appreciated

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    Standard sideskirt removal.

    Before you start you will need to replace all the clips as they are gonna be destroyed in the removal - they only cost pennies anyway and are freely available at a dealer.
    you need..
    2 small plasitc rivets (rear wheel arch)
    14 big rivets (underside)
    10 mounting clips

    Rear wheel arch - with a small screwdriver, push the centre pin of the plastic rivet inwards so it comes out the back. Pull off the plasitc end cap.

    Underneath - there are seven simliar plastic rivets - push all the centre pins upwards into the bodywork.

    open the doors - starting at the back, feel under the car and grab the inside edge of the sill and pull sharply downwards and outwards. This should be accompanied by the sound of plastic breaking.

    Work your way towards the front of the car, where there is another clip like those that hold door cards on - retreive this.

    Fit new clips making sure the arrow points to the front of the car.

    ....and the other gen in the How-to will help - it includes the part numbers

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