Hi all.
My car was in the garage, tyres / service while I was on holiday, I returned and the first time I took it out after the engine warmed up, whiteish smoke / steam was coming out the exhaust, not constantly though. I asked the guy who had it and he said that white smoke could be the head gasket and to take it back and he will have a look.
This was Sunday and this morning my Engine Management Light has come on, now I have very little knowledge of engines and am going to take it back.
Could the problem have been caused by something they have done, I have just looked at the engine cover (the plastic ecotec cover) is cracked a bit on the left side (as you look at it from the front).

The car's an 2003 Astra GSi, 73,000 miles and is still running fine, no chugging / power loss / no problems I can tell in the drive of the car.