Ok as most of you guys will have seen, i recently had the buff plastic skirts and handles on my SRi..

Handles done the day before trax

And today fitted the Skirts, irmscher ones bought through the site, thanks farmer even though they took forever to prep, they were battered!!

To save time i bought pre painted handles and simply primed and painted then lacquered the handles, paint from Vaux as its the definate colour, rattle cans works fine if you take your time.

For the skirts much more prep was required, but again i used rattle cans for the finish, thank god dad is a professional painter is all i can say!

heres how she looks today..

And the bumpstrips are currently out in the shed being sprayed, again with rattle cans, before i can hopefully fit them in the enxt week or so.

Overall im definately impressed with the look, and would recommend it to anyone.

Comments welcome