right ive got a mk4 with a 100amp alt and ive got quite a big setup in the boot and am having a few voltage problems
when i start the car the alternator puts out full output with 14.4 volts to charge the drained battery but as the battery gets charged the voltage from the lt lowers to around 13volts and puts out nowhere near its 100 amps even when the music is on but when the bass hits it will sit on the batterys 12 volts which is nowhere near good enough

so ive got two questions
the first is im guessing the regulator has a wire to sense the voltage to vary the output of the alt or does it just read from the main power wire going to the alt

second is would it be possible to put a resistor on the sensor wire on the regulator so it thinks the battery is only at 12volt float so it will put out full power


if these are all stupid questions im sorry but ive never had an alt in my hands to see what wires there are or what the regulator looks like