This has been a problem since i first bought the car, although it only makes itself apparent when its cold, condensation on the car, or sudden rain.

for example, first thing of a morning i get the problem, occassionally on a warm morning, i get no problem
last thing at night these days, when it was warmer, not so much
and twice its happened when i have been driving, for example driving on the motorway and all of a sudden hit rain and the speedo died.
one other time when i was driving and hit a puddle and then the speedo died.

the speedo always comes back on when i flick the key to off and then back on again.

basically when i start the car given one of those scenarios above the speedo doesnt work, yet i can flick the key off and back on again and it will work perfectly.

upto now i have tried swapping my clocks with a working set, which didnt work, exactly the same error, and i was also told it could be the hub (passenger front) which i have changed twice now, first time with a second hand unit, and recently i purchased a brand new hub (vx wanted £250, i got a genuine part from ebay for £75 delivered) with exactly the same problem occuring.

what i now ask is, does anyone know the wiring pattern that the speed sensor on a Z16se takes?

what else in the wiring link could be gone?

im starting to think theres a relay or something that is on the way out, or has burnt out causing it to not start immediately but when i turn the key again and it gets a surge of power then starts working, but i dont know if there is a relay in the chain.

i have a haynes and have checked, but there isnt a wiring diagram for a z16se in the haynes, even thought the haynes states it covers that engine!!

is there a relay between the hub and the clocks, or does the signal go to the ECU before the clocks, or does it go somewhere else? such as the MFD then to the clocks?

i need to know, im desperate now, i need to sell my car at the end of the month so i can afford to buy a new car, but at this rate it looks like keeping it if i cant sort out the problem.

any suggestions or wisdom is much obliged.