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Thread: hid problem

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    hid problem

    got an intermittent problem with one of my hids....

    if i have the lights on and then switch on the engine sumtimes the ns hid will flicker off but then if i turn the lights off and then on it will turn itself back on??

    could this be a problem with the bulb itself or is it likely to be the ballast that is dodgy???

    it is an aftermarket hid kit by the way....

    many thanks

    SE2 coupe - veccy c airbox mod, total closure, blue led interior goodies, hid kit, angel eyes,led handle lights,kerb lights,uv footwell neons, twin exhaust,leds everywhere, tints,door pins

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    Id say its pretty common practice for aftermarket xenons to do that....mine are similar in that u switch them on with engine off and as soon as u start the engine - one of em switches off... turn em off then on again and normality resumes...

    AFAIK a lot of the kits around do this but it never affects them in normal driving conditions so IMHO its nothing to be worried about

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