Has anyone on here used this?

I brought some at trax and put it use today.

my verdict: WOW.

it does exactly what it says on the tin.

unlike normal wax it can be applied in direct sunshine.
It is easy to apply and very easy to wipe off and buff up and the best bit it doesn't just turn to dust.
also if you get it on your plastic trim it won't turn it white.
It can also be appiled to wet paint so when thoses little bits of water appear arround the wing mioors or door handles etc it doesn't turn to a white crap

It gives a fantstic shine better than the auto glym products i've previously used and with so much less effort. Its supposed to be longer lasting as well so i will give a verdic on this later in the week.

I also got some Rim Wax as well again verdic to follow

the only down side to it is the price i paid £18 for a 16oz (457ml). i got both cars done a used aproxmatly 1/5 of the bottle but IMO its worth every penny and if not your happy with it they offer a full money back guarantee

Smart Wax Link