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Thread: Cab Installs

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    Cab Installs

    Hi, I am looking at picking up an 03 Plate Astra Convertable soon, Which I believe if my research is correct, Makes it an Astra G.

    I've always had a huge interest in ICE, But I know cabs aren't the most idealic vehicle for a install, But I Was wondering if anyone could show me some pics, Or give me advice on this?

    I've not saw the boot of a a cab, But I'd imagine 2 12's and 2 amps is going to be a rather tight squeeze, If at all possible?


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    Depending on the size of box used, you can sit the subs say in a double box at the back resting on the seat backs then have the amps either standing on each side above the wheels or on top of the box even in front of the subs under a false floor
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