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Thread: DVD H/U Update!

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    Thumbs Down DVD H/U Update!

    Remember me?? ... I started this thread:

    Well heres the update!

    Truth is, my suspicions and boubts (along with everyone elses) were realised. The H/U looked really well made, had a pretty good spec and was cheap to boot However, the software installed in the unit really let the unit down. It was obviously very cheap and not very useable at all. It doesn't matter how good a unit is if the software/user interface is rubbish does it. So I returned it. Now i've got 2 options, which do I go for now:

    1) A Kenwood KVT627 for £400 ish -

    2) Pioneer PEH-P65BT for £170 ish -

    3) Pioneer PEH-P85BT For £260 ish -

    Anyone had any experience with these units? I would like BLUETOOTH which is putting me off the Kenwood, plus the price tag.. lol but its not massively essential. And can anyone tell me the big difference in the 2 Pioneers except the price?? Seems like number 1 or 2 may be the winner???

    HELP !!

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    none of the above links work mate
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