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Thread: Anyone know where the fusebox is on a MkIV Astra Envoy?

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    Anyone know where the fusebox is on a MkIV Astra Envoy?

    Bit of a newbie here, so excuse the stoopid question . . .

    Anyone know where I'd find the fusebox on my Astra MkIV Envoy? Thought it was behind that little sunglass holder thing down to the right of the steering column, but can't find it.

    My car stereo's packed in, and I've change the fuse on the head unit. Does it use another fuse, too, from the main box? Might just be the head units gone, but wanna double check before I spend my hard-earned cash on a new one.

    Any help much appreciated,


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    Hi mate.. you are in the right place..

    There are four plastic turn screws, two at the top and two at the bottom.. this then takes the the plastic cover from behind the sunglasses holder (as you call it) and the fuses will be there is all their delight!

    Hope this helps
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