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Thread: Front Engine mount now fitted BUT... OMG

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    Front Engine mount now fitted BUT... OMG

    Well while pottering away sorting the rear brakes on the missus (in training) SXi I thought I would get a couple of jobs doen on my car.

    I got the camshaft sensor changed over, but stuggled to get the kock sensor changed, so will see if it continues to cause the engine management light ot come on.

    Anyway I had a new front engine mount and powerflex bushes that I have had kicking about but never got round to fitting. So I set about the simple job of changign it over.

    Now I was having trouble getting it into gear when I first started the car.

    I was stunned when I had jacked the car up to get to the bolts to change the mount. There appeared to be no bushing in the mount at all, it was just the rubber that was part of the mount that was there. Now either it has been changed before and they never fitted a new one or it came out the factory like that, I supsect the latter. No onder there was touble getting it into gear, the engine must have been movving about loads.

    So anyway all is replaced with new gear and hopefully that should make the difference.
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    good news indeedy ... now no excuses at the traffic light grand prix !

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