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Thread: gearbox help

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    gearbox help

    help needed please, my mate,s got a 1.8 16v vectra ls the gearbox went
    bang last nite but we dont no how to find out wot box it is ie F17 OR F18.
    it,s hydraulic clutch 2001 model. anybody know where the markings are.
    Astra Sri 1.8 16v 2002
    K-N panel filter derestricted airbox large air intake. sportex exhaust.

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    If it's an F18 the number will be cast in to the housing on the top of the box near the selector turret

    If it's an F17 there will be a long number stamped into the end cover, which should be visible from the passenger side wheel arch - "F17" will be somewhere in the sting ofd letter/numbers

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