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Thread: Dash lights fusing!!

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    Angry Dash lights fusing!!

    Does anyone have a problem with any of the dash lights fusing every couple of weeks? out of the 3 bulbs lightin up my dash, the one lightin the temp guage has blown twice on me in like 4 weeks!??

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    sounds like you've either got cheap & nasty bulbs, or you have a short in there somewhere that you'll need to rectify before you cure the problem. Whenever you get a bulb or a fuse go, you ought to always have a look to see why they went. Ok so bulbs reach the end of their life naturally and stop working when the filament burns out, but that shouldn't happen after only 2 weeks. Best bet is to have the clocks out and see if you've got any bare wires that could end up touching anything as you are driving/going over bumps and suchlike. Other thing to check, is the rating of the fuse you've got in there, if its too high, then there's a chance its excess current getting through and blowing the bulb.

    HTH a little, sorry I couldn't be any more help without looking.
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