Hi folks.

Having had some issued with my Z14XE, I have been trying to narrow down the problems. I tried to get assistance in understanding the nature of the problem, but drawn a blank.

Throttle body has been cleaned, as has the idle control valve (idles smoother now, a bit). I couldn't locate the EGR, thinking I did not have one. Turns out it is mounted about 5 inches back from the normal spot, under some cabling to the coilpack.

No engine managment light was on at all throughout this time and it had an annual service about 2 to 3 months ago.

After locating and checking the EGR valve today, the ECU light has now come on, but not constantly, only after a short drive (and when the symptoms of the problem change).

I was wondering if there is anybody in the Sheffield Chappletown or Barnsley areas with a ECU reader, willing to render assistance in getting the needed fault codes from the ECU if possible.

Already done the whole Vauxhall Stealership thing twice last year on a Corsa, and felt duly violated in the wallet (didn't know any local garages having only recently moved at the time), so not willing to do it again, given they could simply say EGR (with the potential for it not to be), though I suspect there is a chance under the circumstances.